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Allergies and Accessibility


People who suffer from allergies need to be aware Prairie River Cruises Ltd. cannot guarantee an allergy-free environment onboard its passenger ship The Prairie Lily.  Meals and snacks provided to passengers may contain peanuts, nuts or shellfish oils or residues and we cannot prepare allergy-free meals. Also, vessels of this type have diesel engines and emit fumes which may be present from time to time on the decks or in the cabin areas. All passengers with allergies are advised to take these facts into account when planning their cruise, and take necessary precautions.


Serivce animals are welcome on The Prairie Lily to assist their owners in navigating and feeling safe on board.  We know service animals are trained to react to thier owner and adapt to the circumstances around them.  We do ask that all other animals not be brought on board.  We have a loud signaling horn we are required to sound at certain times.  It sometimes scares our passengers and we are able to let them know its coming!  We would hate to have a pet react and bolt - especially when we are on the water and there is no where to run.  Additionally, we respect some of our guests have allergies.  Again, when we are sailing, space is limited, so it is difficult to ensure everyone is comfortable.  We need to make some restrictions to ensure that.  Thank you for your understanding.


The Prairie Lily offers assisted wheelchair access. Small and regular-sized wheelchairs can be accommodated, but unfortunately wider chairs and most power chairs and scooters are beyond our capacity.  We do carry a transport wheelchair on board should anyone wish to borrow it during a cruise.  Also note, the slope of access to the ship differs over the course of the summer and entirely dependent upon water levels.  During the highest water levels, the slope of our ramp is the least.   As water levels drop, the slope increases.  Obviously this a matter of the physical world around us and beyond our control, however, our dock has an average slope of 1-foot drop in 16 feet, well within accepted accessibility standards.  That said, typical water levels suggest late June and early July provide the lowest incline of the ramp to the dock.  If you would like to inquire about accessibility, please feel free to call the office at 306-955-5459.